We believe that everyone deserves the freedom to do what they love, with the people that matter most to them. We are dedicated to delivering amazing tiny house communities and lifestyle villages, to help you to stop working to make a living and to start doing more meaningful work.


The Go Tiny mission is to ignite and inspire people to live a better life, to play a bigger game and to have the freedom to pursue their passions by breaking the shackles of debt that has become the norm in today’s society. The tiny house movement is a practical solution to solving the housing crisis and eliminating our current system of lifelong debt whilst being a sustainable solution to many of the issues our planet faces today.

Our collaboration and work with local and national governments, associations and Iwi, facilitate new paths that legalise and remove the barriers to downsizing so that more people can free themselves from the daily grind and live a more fulfilling life.

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Kyron is paving the way for how we live, using emerging trends and technologies to democratise real estate, making it more accessible for people.

His mission is to help people create freedom through property, spending less time working to pay bills and more time following their passions and doing what they love. Going tiny reduces your footprint and upkeep so you don’t have to work as hard to make a living. You can spend your time on things that fulfil you which will, in return, help to make you a living that feels congruent to your vision and lifestyle.

As an author and influencer on the future of property,  Kyron is expanding ways for people to develop new ways to own property and live a more fulfilling life. His dream is that one day everyone will have the ability to own a home that produces its own electricity, grow its own food, collect its own water at little or no cost.

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