We create tiny house parks to help people escape the daily grind and do more of what they love. Here on the blog you will find information and articles on what we love and how we make the magic happen.

Why Go Tiny?

There can be many reasons for wanting to live tinier and more complex, and not all stories and reasons are identical. Today I would like to discuss a …

The trailer

One of the most important features of the tiny house caravan is the trailer as this acts as the homes foundation. We sourced our trailer through Wee Make …

Tiny House Interior

The move to go tiny

  Ever since I became an entrepreneur and started connecting in with the this amazing community looking to change the world for the better it had been a …

Graphic of tiny house statistics

About Tiny Houses

The concept of tiny houses has been around since the 1980s, more recently however the movement surrounding the tiny houses, fittingly named “The Tiny House Movement,” has been …

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