Tiny House Community

The Micro Collective Muriwai

The Micro Collective will be New Zealand’s first tiny house village and with it we aim empower the tiny house movement and provide our community with the resources required to go tiny, escape the daily grind and live a bigger life focussed on pursuing their passions and purpose. 

Or as we like to say “do a little more awesome in the world”

With all the uncertainty in the world around Covid19 and the economic crisis that will follow, we believe that The Micro Collective will provide a safe shelter for those who want to reduce their debt, gain food security, have access to water, solar energy, community and self resilience.  

Be Part of History

We are creating New Zealand’s first tiny house village for downsizing entrepreneurs, change makers and visionairies wanting to live a less cluttered life and focus more on life and making impacts.

Connect with like minded people, challenging you to think bigger, do better and live your best life on a daily basis.

The Village

Our vision is of a self sustaining village that other than the initial investment, costs you nothing to live in.  

The existing Muriwai lodge and store will be transformed into a co-working cafe, with a healthy and nutritious menu.  The private members area brings in exciting speakers and events for our members professional and personal growth.

The Rugged Nor West

Located on Auckland’s rugged North West coast a mere 42km from the city centre makes this community an exciting option for those looking to own their own slice of tiny paradise on the border of the Muriwai regional park yet within commutable distance to Auckland CBD. 

Whether you want to embrace the nature, hit the surf, golf or hike the trails, you have plenty of options.

Decrease your footprint increase your impact

Calling all business hippies, here is your chance to live a more sustainable lifestyle with less impact on the planet and more impact in your business. With aquaponics growing our fruit and vege, a  compost system, and solar panels, we believe we can have a positive impact on the ground which we live upon. 

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