The trailer

One of the most important features of the tiny house caravan is the trailer as this acts as the homes foundation. We sourced our trailer through Wee Make Change (  opting for the smart trailer. The 3.5T rated Smart Road Trailer is designed to be road legal and is suitable for occasional travel. We went high end and ordered it with brakes, wireless controller, suspension, lights, plus rego and WOF.  Also to keep in the theme of the tiny house, we also opted for it to be painted matt black.

In order to comply with NZTA rules a light trailer (including its load)  must be a maximum or 12.5m long, 2.55m wide and 4.3m high. Our trailer is 10m long and 2.4m wide. However our tiny house will be 10m long, 2.7m wide and 4.3m high. We are leveraging the “overdimension” rules outlined in NZTA Fact Sheet 53A This allows us to build up to 3.1m wide, as long as we display wide load signs when travelling on the road.

Here are some of the features of our trailer as specified on the Wee Make Change website:

Detachable Trailer

Do you want to be able to remove the house from the trailer? The wheel dolly and draw bar assembly simply unbolt from the trailer chassis. This gives you the ability to obtain a warrant of fitness (WOF) without having to take your tiny house to the testing station, it also makes it easy to carry out maintenance simply. An added bonus – you could use this trailer to pick up building materials while the house is suspended during the build.

Adjustable Wheel Dolly

Not sure where the center of gravity is on your house? Or want to have the ability to free style your build as you go and not worry about axle placement? We have the solution with a wheel dolly that is adjustable forward and back to ensure you have the correct weight on the vehicle tow bar for safe towing.

Low Floor Height

We recess the low profile wheels into the subfloor to ensure the final height of the floor is as low as possible. This maximises the height of the house but still achieves the minimum 1.3 floor R value. The easy to build on flat deck sits at approx 600mm from the ground to the top of the wooden deck.



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