Why Go Tiny?

There can be many reasons for wanting to live tinier and more complex, and not all stories and reasons are identical. Today I would like to discuss a few interesting cases of people who went tiny and their reasons why.

Our first story begins with Nicky and Judy a couple “stationed” in North America. Going tiny seemed like a natural step for this couple as they eased their way into retirement. The cost of living in a 175 square feet space differs incredibly compared to a conventional home. Allowing Nicky, who is not yet retired, to switch from a full-time to a part-time job. In addition to the cheaper living expenses, downsizing has helped them to prioritize their relationships “with themselves, others, and the natural world.” A fun feature in their tiny home is the dog elevator to their loft enabling their corgi Shanti to sleep on the bed at night.

Another example is a family of four travelling through the United States. Couple Kevin and Ally decided to go tiny after taking their two year old twins to a child friendly festival where they rediscovered their sense of adventure. With living expenses in their old home only increasing the itch for travel only increased and now they have been on the road and searching for more great experiences. As Ally put it: “It already feels amazing to get out from under that steep mortgage and all of the belongings that were weighing us down. Now we just need to find our first music festival we can take this beautiful home on wheels to!”

Helen, our last tiny house resident, native to New Zealand, has chosen the tiny living route after having to move out of her apartment very suddenly. Her father suggested the idea to go tiny. The tiny house is used as a permanent home for the foreseeable future by Helen and has everything she needs. She does not feel like she has had to compromise anything, but living tiny allowed her to have a simpler living and a better appreciation for nature and life. It also gives more freedom financially, and physically.

Although finance is a very big plus when going tiny, personally I enjoy seeing all the different approaches to the designs and the possibility to express yourself in your tiny house. Creating a tiny house gives the opportunity to reflect on your life and your belongings. What is truly important to you? What is absolutely necessary, and what can you really do without? Not only that, but after answering those question, you can challenge yourself creatively in designing the layout storage and more.

If you want to read more about the fantastic people mentioned above take a look at their websites linked below. What do you think is the most important reason to downsize? Finance? Getting back in touch with yourself and mother nature? Or perhaps the travelling opportunities it brings? Let us know in the comments below.

Nicky and Judy: https://learningtoreawaken.wordpress.com/

Tiny House Twin Travels: http://tinyhousetwintravels.com/

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